Creating more inclusive communities

A new study released by the Brookings Metropolitan Policy Program recommends ways in which metro regions can alter their economic development thinking toward building more inclusive environments that do not exclude poorer residents. (City Lab, 2/29)

While 95 percent of the largest metros in the U.S. have seen aggregate job growth since 2009, according to the report, over 40 percent of all metros have lost jobs in their advanced industries. More troubling, the growth of low-wage occupations has surpassed the growth of middle-skill and higher-wage jobs in the U.S. This has coincided with a troubling increase in concentrated poverty in both cities and suburbs.

– DC Fiscal Policy Institute has released a report on the inequity and poverty that have deepened in the District in the years since the Great Recession. (DCFPI, 2/26)

– WRAG launched the 2016 Public Education Speaker Series last week with Dr. Matthew Biel, Director of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at the Georgetown University Medical Center, where he spoke on the impact of toxic stress on children’s development. You can read more about his compelling comments here. (Daily 2/29)

– The Washington Area Women’s Foundation (WAWF) recently announced their leadership in a new regional effort to strengthen the early care and education professional workforce, known as the Washington Region Early Care & Education Workforce Network. Read WAWF president and CEO Jennifer Lockwood-Shabat’s statement on the new effort.

The Consequences of Poor Science Education in Kindergarten (Atlantic, 2/27)

– In their newly published annual trend report, the Center for the Future of Museums finds that one major barrier for people in engaging in the cultural sector comes down to a simple lack of leisure time. (WaPo, 2/26)

When People of Color Are Discouraged From Going Into the Arts (Atlantic, 2/28)

HEALTH | A series of recent polls administered in key states take a look at Americans’ views and concerns two years into the Affordable Care Act. (NPR, 2/29)

Neil DeGrasse Tyson breaks down Leap Day once and for all. 

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