Foundations should improve transparency, survey says

A new study by the Center for Effective Philanthropy analyzing survey data from 145 foundation CEOs and more than 15,000 grantees on the transparency of foundations reveals that most believe that grantmakers could become more effective and credible if they were more open to the public about their failures and shortcomings. A shortage of staff and resources to focus on such efforts were cited as deterrents to full transparency. (Chronicle, 2/23) Subscription required

Ninety-four percent of the foundation leaders surveyed said transparency is important. However, three-fourths say their organizations are not open enough. Even though 61 percent of the leaders say being more candid about how they assess their own performance would help them become more effective, only 35 percent say they share their self-assessments.

The level of openness online was even skimpier. Just 5 percent of foundation websites contained information on unsuccessful projects. However, the researchers found no correlation between information provided on a foundation website and a grantee’s perception of a grant maker’s openness.

The full report from CEP is available here.

– Independent Sector, a coalition of charities and foundations, has named a new chief executive. Dan Cardinali, head of Communities in Schools, will take over in July for Diana Aviv, who left the organization to head Feeding America. (Chronicle, 2/23) Subscription required

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The streets of Staten Island just got a little bit…greedier.

– Ciara