New shelters announced ahead of D.C. General closure

Mayor Muriel Bowser announced the proposed locations of eight new family shelters in each ward of the District that will ultimately replace the D.C. General shelter. (WCP, 2/9)

D.C. General is currently home to 260 families, including around 400 children. The old hospital facility is located near the Hill East neighborhood in a complex of buildings that includes the D.C. Jail and a methadone clinic. It became a shelter for families under the Fenty administration and has continued in that fashion as the family homelessness crisis in D.C. has exploded (the number of homeless families has increased by 40 percent since 2010).

Obama Will Seek $11 Billion For Homeless Families (NYT, 2/8)

PHILANTHROPY | The Chronicle of Philanthropy has released their annual list of the top 50 biggest American donors. In 2015, nearly $7 billion was given to social profits, with colleges and foundations receiving the most funds. (Chronicle, 2/9) Subscription required

– A new study by the University of Virginia finds that the IMPACT system for evaluating teachers improved student performance significantly. The system launched in DC Public Schools in 2009 to much criticism. (NY Mag, 2/8)

In an age of resegregation, these schools are trying to balance poor and wealthy kids (WaPo, 2/9)

MENTAL HEALTH/VIRGINIA | In Virginia, Prince William and Loudoun counties are among eight localities that are offering programming to support young adults who have suffered their first psychotic episode. (WaPo, 2/8)

FOOD | Opinion: The food movement is small? Not from where I sit, it isn’t (WaPo, 2/4)

CSR | Applications are now open for the Northern Virginia Chamber of Commerce’s Outstanding Corporate Citizenship Awards & Chair’s Luncheon.

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