Weathering the winter months on a low income

POVERTY/HOUSING | For many lower-income residents in the region, the colder winter months are a struggle to navigate as poor-quality, deteriorating housing can be the only affordable option and paying utilities often comes after taking care of other basic needs. (WaPo, 1/23)

Living in poverty means constantly balancing competing necessities. Every month, rent is due. Then there are food costs and transportation expenses. The last item on that list is usually paying utilit[y] bills […].

10 Cities Where the Middle Class Can’t Afford Rent Anymore (Cheatsheet, 12/2015)

DISTRICT | The highly-anticipated 11th Street Bridge Park is closer to becoming a reality. Residents and those involved with the project hope that once it is completed, the surrounding area will be an inclusive, equitable place to live and work. (Bridge Park, 1/22)

FOOD/PHILANTHROPY | The Rockefeller Foundation has announced a $130 million initiative to tackle hunger by cutting global food waste. The plan ranges from reducing food waste from discarded crops to reducing food waste in people’s homes. (NYT, 1/22)

RACIAL EQUITY/GENDER EQUITY | A new report from the Corporation for Enterprise Development finds that, despite a narrowing racial gap in business ownership between 2007 and 2012, white-owned businesses continued to be much more successful than those of their counterparts. The study also found that there is nowhere in America where women-owned businesses outperform male-owned businesses. (WSJ, 1/25)

No one enjoyed the snow more than the animals at the National Zoo.

– Ciara