D.C. expands outreach efforts to homeless adults

Washington City Paper explores the District’s efforts to conduct outreach to and provide services for homeless adult residents in the city who live in encampments as the temperatures fall. (WCP, 1/15)

As the weather turns dangerous for people sleeping on the streets or in makeshift shelters, the work of these outreach teams becomes even more urgent. But as encampment cleanups for the first time ever continue into hypothermia season—when homeless citizens have a right to shelter—advocates worry that people unwilling or unable to go inside will be left without lifesaving protections.

Ward 3 Without Cold-Weather Shelter For Men (WCP, 1/18)

PHILANTHROPY | The Forum of Regional Associations of Grantmakers, the Council of New Jersey Grantmakers, and the Center for Disaster Philanthropy have partnered to release the Disaster Philanthropy Playbook, a comprehensive resource to help philanthropy respond to future disasters.

EDUCATION/MARYLAND | Recommendations to close or consolidate a number of schools in Prince George’s County have brought members of the community together to oppose the possible changes. (WaPo, 1/17)

GENDER/INEQUALITY | How to Bridge That Stubborn Pay Gap (NYT, 1/15)

– A new report finds that the average age of first-time mothers continues to climb in the U.S. Researchers contribute the rise in the average age to a decline in the number of teenage pregnancies. (NPR, 1/14)

– According to data, there are correlations between several measures of economic development – such as income, education, and occupation –  and one’s level of fitness. (City Lab, 1/11)

The role of photography in the Civil Rights Movement.

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