Why buying a home is out of reach for many millennials in the Greater Washington region

Despite a continuously growing population and relatively strong economy, one writer explores why it remains so difficult for workers – particularly millennial workers – to afford homeownership in the Greater Washington region. (WaPo, 1/4)

In the Washington region, officials are always lobbying to bring large companies and their workforce to the area — often with great success — leaving us in what seems like a regular housing shortage and subsequently an overwhelmed infrastructure that hasn’t been adequate for our population since the early 1980s.  On top of that, I can rattle off the names of 10 large universities in the area that supply a huge 20-something-year-old population year after year — many of whom stay put after graduation and get apartments.  Oh, I haven’t even mentioned the federal government or the military, which, as everyone knows, is a huge and stable (sans a government shutdown) slice of the workforce.

So that means we need housing — lots of housing. But the influx of new construction has not led to a great rise in the home ownership rate in Washington. So what gives?

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Though 2015 is long gone, take this quiz to test your knowledge of the year in D.C.

– Ciara