Videos from WRAG’s 2015 Annual Meeting now available

Did you miss WRAG’s 2015 Annual Meeting, “Philanthropy All In,” or just want to relive some of the highlights? Videos from the meeting are now available! You can watch Dr. David Williams’s keynote speech on racism, followed by Holly Bass’s powerful performance piece; Jennifer Bradley’s presentation on the “metropolitan revolution,” followed by a panel of regional respondents; and WRAG president Tamara Lucas Copeland’s update to the membership.

VETERANS/MARYLAND | The Montgomery County Department of Health and Human Services announced that the county has reached what is known as “functional zero” in its number of homeless veterans. This indicates that the county has enough funding and supportive resources in place for veterans who may become homeless in the future. (Bethesda Magazine, 12/16)

–  In Prince George’s County, officials are hoping that integrating more literacy instruction in subjects like math and science will help to better prepare students for college. (WaPo, 12/14)

– New federal data finds that the national high school graduation rate has hit an all-time high with 82 percent of students finishing on time in 2013-2014. You can also see how the region compares to the rest of the country (WaPo, 12/15):

Locally, Maryland (86.4 percent) and Virginia (85.3 percent) were above average. The District had a graduation rate below the national average, at 61.4 percent.

HOUSING/DISTRICT | New study shows how costly D.C. apartments are (WaPo, 12/16)

SOCIAL CHANGE | Working Narratives has released a new storytelling strategy guide for individuals and organizations seeking to create progressive change on important causes. The guide includes ideas on how to use fiction, humor, and history in social change stories to reach new audiences and evaluate impact. You can check out the guide here.

Related: You might remember that Paul VanDeCarr from Working Narratives spoke to local funders and social profit organizations last year as part of our Brightest Minds series. He shared some tips on the Daily WRAG for “breaking through the clutter” to reach people with a great story. (Daily, June 2014)

POVERTY/MASS INCARCERATION | How mass incarceration is spreading to rural counties and the suburbs (WaPo, 12/15)

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