The impact of Senate inaction on D.C. kids and families

DISTRICT | Thanks to politics on Capitol Hill, the D.C. Superior Court is short a number of judges as they wait Senate confirmation. This has a negative impact on D.C. residents as they often have to wait months – or longer – for hearings at the court (WAMU, 12/4):

Senate inaction can have real consequences on day-to-day justice in the District — especially on some of the city’s most vulnerable residents.


One custody case took almost two full years from the time the mother filed for custody until there was a resolution.

“During that time, mom became homeless, and the family had to deal with all of the problems that come with being homeless. And on top of that, the children never knew for 23 months – for almost 2 years – who are they going to live with, mom or dad?”

– Recognizing that socioeconomic diversity can improve student performance, some D.C. charter schools are attempting to diversify their student bodies. Currently, charter schools in the city are slightly less diverse than traditional public schools. (WaPo, 12/4)

– One way to boost achievement among poor kids? Make sure they have classmates who aren’t poor. (WaPo, 12/8)

HEALTH | Hundreds of Maryland children still poisoned by lead paint each year (WaPo, 12/8)

REGION | Washington City Paper interviews new Metro general manager Paul Wiedefeld. (WCP, 12/7)

Who would have thought that parking was so much more technologically advanced 60 years ago?