Study: The Roadmap for the Washington Region’s Economic Future

Earlier this year, the 2030 Group – an organization of business leaders focused on regional issues and solutions – commissioned The Roadmap for the Washington Region’s Economic Future, a study to better understand growth trends and their resulting impacts that will affect the region by the year 2030. WRAG is working alongside business and civic organizations in the area to encourage regional cooperation and effective economic growth. The Washington Post shares some of the findings about the future of millennials in the region and next steps for the group revealed at a gathering last week (WaPo, 10/17):

Founded by the 2030 Group, a business organization, the Roadmap has 12 other sponsors, including the Greater Washington Board of Trade, Federal City Council, Fairfax and Montgomery chambers of commerce, Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments and the Washington Regional Association of Grantmakers.

The study’s results provided fresh arguments for the Roadmap to use in pressing local political leaders to set aside parochial differences and work together on behalf of the region as a whole.

To further that effort, the Roadmap leaders set up working groups Thursday to discuss proposals such as creating strong centralized regional authorities to oversee policy and raise funds for transportation and housing.

– On the 2030 Group’s blog, WRAG president Tamara Copeland took part in a Roadmap Sponsor Profile, in which she discussed WRAG’s supportive role in the Roadmap Initiative. (2030 Group, 10/14)

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– Ciara