The impact of school segregation on African American males

Research finds that black male students attending majority black schools score lower on academic achievement tests than those who attend more diverse schools (WaPo, 9/24):

Researchers looked at how black students performed on the test and the demographic makeup of their schools. A “high density” black school was defined as a school where at least 60 percent of the students are black. Nationally, these schools were concentrated in Southern and Midwestern cities, researchers found.

The researchers adjusted the test scores for all the factors they thought could affect student achievement, including family poverty, concentration of poverty in a school and credentials of teachers, and they still found the achievement gap between average white males and black males attending a “high density” black school was 25 points, compared to a gap of 17 points for black males who attended schools where blacks made up 20 percent or less than the student body.

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Apparently the supermoon lunar eclipse looked far more impressive from the point of view of professional photographers.

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