Mixed feelings about major complex coming to Ward 8

Following the announcement of a new sports and entertainment complex on the St. Elizabeths East campus, some residents are expressing mixed feelings about the proposed venue. (WaPo, 9/24)

[…] in interviews with dozens of residents of this Ward 8 neighborhood, where unemployment is far higher than the national average of 5.5 percent, people were as likely to express optimism about the project’s impact on their community as they were to suggest that the city should instead be investing its money in affordable housing and better schools for their kids.

– A new report examining resources and staffing at high poverty schools looks at Montgomery County schools’ spending and suggests that much more aid should be put toward helping low-income students to close the ever-widening achievement gap in the school system. (WaPo, 9/23)

–  For many students in the region, learning to ride a bike has much more meaning than simply mastering the art of balancing without training wheels. It can also be an essential lifelong skill that gives students of various income levels an equitable educational experience, while also highlighting the need for greater cycling infrastructure throughout the District and its suburbs. (WaPo, 9/23)

HEALTH | Obesity Maps Put Racial Differences on Stark Display (NPR, 9/23)

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