A widening education gap in the U.S. based on class

Though racial disparities in educational opportunity persist, researchers are taking a closer look at how economic class has increasingly become the major determinant in a child’s educational attainment, and thus, their chances for economic mobility. (NYT, 9/22)

On the day they start kindergarten, children from families of low socioeconomic status are already more than a year behind the children of college graduates in their grasp of both reading and math.

And despite the efforts deployed by the American public education system, nine years later the achievement gap, on average, will have widened by somewhere from one-half to two-thirds.

– A new report takes a look at obesity trends across the nation. In the Greater Washington region, D.C. has one of the lowest obesity rates (despite a steady increase over the years) at 21.7 percent; Virginia’s is 28 percent; and Maryland’s is 29 percent. (WAMU, 9/21)

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Who doesn’t love a good, completely unnecessary history lesson? Read this background of what many have come to know as the “sad desk lunch” – a practice that has endured throughout American history.

– Ciara