Limited growth in new housing in the District

Despite D.C.’s most updated Comprehensive Plan from 2006, providing guidelines for future planning and development in the city, much of the new housing that was  called for has been limited only to certain areas (GGW, 8/25):

Over the last decade, DC has built 13% less housing than its Comprehensive Plan calls for. Of the new housing that is going up, most of it is confined to the central city even though the plan recommends only 30% go there. Meanwhile, most parts of the District are building little or no new housing.


Instead of 30% of DC’s housing growth, the “Central Washington” and adjacent “Lower Anacostia Waterfront/Near Southwest” planning districts are seeing the lion’s share of both new housing and new jobs. According to counts provided by economic development officials and local business improvement districts, two-thirds of the building permits issued for new housing in the entire District have been for this central area.

– According to data from the National Association of Realtors, one would need to earn a household income of $86,595 to comfortably afford a median-priced home in the Washington region. (InsideNoVa, 8/24)

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An art museum field trip chaperon’s worst nightmare come true.

– Ciara