Increasing access to farm-fresh foods

More organizations in the region, like Martha’s Table, are focusing on making farm-fresh foods available to low-income families at farmers markets, increasing access to healthy foods they may not otherwise be able to afford. (WaPo, 8/23)

Because many can’t afford it, healthy food is swapped for cheaper and more fattening foods, said Caron Gremont, the charity’s senior director of healthy eating. It also means, she said, that the families are less likely to shop at farmers markets, learning about new produce or healthy recipe ideas.


The District and neighboring counties have seen a steady increase in farmers markets accepting federal Women, Infants and Children (WIC) program assistance, according to District data. In 2004, only 23 markets in the District, Prince George’s and Montgomery counties accepted WIC; by 2014 that number had nearly tripled to 60.

COMMUNITY | Congratulations to the Public Welfare Foundation for being recognized with the National Association of Pretrial Services Agencies’ Partners Award for their support of pretrial detention reform focused on keeping more people out of jail and decreasing mass incarceration. (PWF, 8/21)

HOMELESSNESS/YOUTH | The Washington Post offers a look at the District’s first-ever count of homeless youth and the difficulties that come along with getting an accurate count. (WaPo, 8/23)

– A recent financial report finds that the great majority of donations go to just a small minority of the District’s 60 public charter schools. (WaPo, 8/22)

Virginia’s Public Schools Need More Money For Teachers, Say Education Advocates (WAMU, 8/21)

– In an effort to bring greater equity to schools across the city, DCPS is launching a new “Cornerstone” initiative this year, where all students will participate in a series of grade- and subject-specific programs to share common learning experiences regardless of where they attend school. (WAMU, 8/24)

HEALTH CARE/RACIAL EQUITY | Can Health Care Be Cured of Racial Bias? (NPR, 8/20)

– The Housing Opportunities Commission of Montgomery County has unveiled a new online portal for residents to submit information and be connected to all available housing assistance. Though the county’s waitlist for Housing Choice Vouchers has been closed for eight years, officials hope the new system will make those in need aware of other services that can help. (Bethesda Magazine, 8/21)

– Housing prices in Arlington County and the District are the highest in the region, with Arlington County’s prices recently pulling further ahead of D.C.’s (WBJ, 8/20)

SOCIAL PROFITS | This fall, United Way of the National Capital Area is offering a series of workshops to assist social profit representatives in the region with community reach and leadership skill building. Click here to learn more information and to register for the learning series.

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