A strong need for an affordable housing plan in Alexandria

Officials in Alexandria, Virginia came together this week to discuss the pressing need for more affordable housing in the city. Outside of funding woes, they agreed that there are a number of barriers to solving the problem around housing in the area. (Connection, 8/5)

According to a local Department of Social Services Report for 2014 […] 12,916 Alexandrians, or 9 percent of the local population live in poverty in Alexandria. 3,921 children, 15 percent of children in Alexandria, live in poverty. While this is slightly lower than the 15.7 percent of children across the state living in poverty, it’s higher than the 9.6 percent throughout Northern Virginia.

But in many cases, more funding towards affordable housing is just part of the problem. Carter Batey, chair of the Social Services Advisory Board, said language and culture can often be a barrier to helping some who qualify for affordable housing to actively seek it. Alan Dinsmore, also from the Commission on Aging, said he’s experienced this firsthand in trying to get the city’s Hispanic immigrants enrolled into affordable housing programs, whom he said often have a very different interpretation of “independent living” programs. According to Batey and others at the meeting, illegal immigrants in Alexandria often believe law enforcement will use social services programs to arrest and deport them.

Zero to Three, a national organization focused on improving the lives of infants, presents new data on the health, family structure, and early education experiences of infants and toddlers in all 50 states and the District through a series of fact sheets.

Zero to Three’s State Baby Facts provide a snapshot of how very young children are faring in each state and the District of Columbia. The fact sheets help us understand what it is like to be a very young child in each state and the important resources that can change the future life course for the many children who are not getting off to the best start. These fact sheets present infant and toddler data in the framework of good health, strong families, and positive early learning experiences and provide a comparison to national averages.

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