Fairfax County schools face major budget cuts

As enrollment surges in one of the country’s biggest school systems, a task force has been looking into ways to cut $100 million from the Fairfax County schools budget. (WaPo, 8/4)

The 36-member citizen task force was charged with finding $100 million in savings. On Monday night, the district released an early draft of potential cuts, but they are far from official, and it is early in the budget process. Some of the task force’s ideas are sure to be controversial, such as saving nearly $11 million by eliminating high school sports and more than $12 million by axing activities such as yearbook and student newspapers, curtailing music and drama programs, and reducing middle school after-school activities.


Fairfax County schools are facing some of the same tough choices as districts across Northern Virginia. This year, Prince William County schools, dealing with a potential cut in revenue, weighed cuts to all school services not required by law – including full-day kindergarten, bus service and athletics. Ultimately, most of the budget was funded.

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