How much $100 will buy you in the Washington region

Using data from the Bureau of Economic Analysis, the Tax Foundation has analyzed just how much $100 would get you in goods in each state and the District. (WBJ, 7/9)

D.C. fared the worst of our three regions, where $100 will only buy you $84.96 worth of goods.

In Maryland, you can get $90.17 for your Benjamin.

Virginia, you get the most bang for your buck locally. That $100 bill will buy you $97.09.

On the flip side, $100 buys you more than its value. In Mississippi, for example, you’ll get $115.21 worth of goods.

– As homebuyers and investors look to stay on top of what D.C.’s next up-and-coming neighborhood will be, many are finding themselves in Anacostia. (WBJ, 7/9)

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– The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development announced efforts to require communities across the country to review their housing patterns in order to promote more racial diversity in neighborhoods. (WaPo, 7/8)

The new rules, a top demand of civil-rights groups, will require cities and towns all over the country to scrutinize their housing patterns for racial bias and to publicly report, every three to five years, the results. Communities will also have to set goals, which will be tracked over time, for how they will further reduce segregation.

EDUCATION/HEALTH | A new study supports the idea that higher education is connected to greater health outcomes, and finds that the correlation between education and health has become stronger with recent generations. (NPR, 7/8)

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Anyone can run for president. Even 5-year-old Mr. McCubbins.

– Ciara