Minimum wage increases take effect in D.C. and Maryland

Starting today in D.C. and Maryland, another round of minimum wage increases take effect. In the District, the minimum wage will see an increase from $9.50 to $10.50. In Maryland, the minimum wage increases a quarter up to $8.25. Advocates for increasing the minimum wage are still hoping for greater change that mirrors that of a growing number of cities in the U.S. (WAMU, 7/1):

“It’s just a start. It’s not nearly where we should be. As you look around the country, you see cities quickly moving from $10.10 an hour being a goal to $15 an hour being a goal,” says [Director of Maryland Working Families, Charly] Carter.

And while such a move would be a tough sell across Maryland, it may come to pass in D.C. by next year. That’s when a group of labor activists hope residents will vote on a measure that would see the minimum wage continue rising to $15 by 2020.

Wages for tipped workers would also rise until they hit $15 by 2025, ending the existing discrepancy between tipped and other workers. Language for the ballot initiative will be considered by the D.C. Board of Elections on Wednesday.

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