Bringing mental health services to high-poverty schools

Some schools in the District are working to bring mental health services to low-income students whose behavioral needs can often go unmet in the midst of performance expectations in the classroom. (GGW, 6/18)

Education reformers have tended to focus on what goes on inside classrooms, saying that poverty is no excuse for low expectations. Others have countered that teachers can’t be held responsible for solving social ills that inevitably spill over into schools. Some schools, including the KIPP DC charter network, are trying to find a middle ground.

Poor families tend to experience more than their share of violence, mental illness, addiction, housing insecurity, and other challenges. That leads to a high degree of stress, which in turn can cause a host of behavioral and cognitive problems in children. While not all students in high-poverty schools have suffered trauma, the outbursts of a few can disrupt learning for all.


While many schools have social workers and even psychologists on staff, they’re often occupied with testing and compliance with special education requirements. They may have neither the time nor the training to deal with traumatized kids. Teachers usually don’t have that kind of training either.

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