Why We’re Getting on the Map: The Alexander and Margaret Stewart Trust

More funders are getting on the map. Last week, Angela Jones Hackley and Ben Murphy explained why the Community Foundation for the National Capital Region is sharing their grantmaking data to help build WRAG’s Foundation Map.

One of the latest funders to participate in this effort is the Alexander and Margaret Stewart Trust.

Here’s why they’re getting on the map, according to executive manager Lori Jackson:

“As the sole staff person of the Alexander and Margaret Stewart Trust, I don’t have a lot of time to meet with colleague funders or do extensive research on the local funding landscape. Having immediate and easy access to my WRAG colleagues’ grantmaking data – and their having access to our data – will help make it easier to find out who else is funding our grantees and potential grantees, and to identify possible new areas of funding alignment or collaboration. We all want be strategic and effective in our giving, and WRAG’s Foundation Map promises to be a tool to help do this. I hope that my colleagues will share their data to make this tool as powerful as possible.”

Get on the Map is an initiative to improve the quality, timeliness, and availability of grants data for and about funders. By e-reporting their grants data to the Foundation Center, WRAG members will help to build an interactive mapping platform that will allow members to see who is funding what and where in our region. To learn more about the platform and how to contribute your data, watch this recent webinar or sign up for the next webinar on April 9.

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