A new guide for supporting capacity and effectiveness

GrantCraft, a service of the Foundation Center, has released a new report on the strategies funders can use to support capacity building for grantees. The report, supported by Open Society Foundations, also includes information about initiatives at the Meyer Foundation. (GrantCraft, 2/26)

A unique aspect of this guide is its focus on relationship awareness: how to intentionally build healthy funder-grantee relationships, which we view as key to successful grantee capacity building. You’ll see recurring mention of issues like defining roles and expectations, establishing trust and open communications, and being good analysts of the variables at play in grantee capacity-building situations. We weave these topics into sections designed to help funders make realistic decisions about how to get started or deepen their support of grantee capacity building.

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Though most of us are more than ready to kiss winter goodbye, it has likely made us all a little more productive.

– Ciara