At-risk DCPS students receiving varied amounts of funding

A data tool developed by the D.C. Fiscal Policy Institute and Code for DC reveals wide gaps in spending for at-risk students in the District – students who are in foster care, homeless, receiving welfare or food stamps, or at least one year behind in high school. Despite the D.C. Council passing legislation ensuring funding would be distributed equally among at-risk students, DCPS did not have time this year to comply (GGW, 2/10):

Mann Elementary in Ward 3, for example, spent over $15,000 on each of its at-risk students. That’s partly because there are only two such students there, making up just 1% of the school’s total enrollment, according to the data tool.

By contrast, Ballou High School in Ward 8 spent only about $5,000 on each of its 470 at-risk students, which represent 72% of the school population. And Beers Elementary in Ward 7 spent a mere $168 on each of its 259 at-risk students, 60% of its enrollment.

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