An emergency motion to place the District’s homeless

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This winter has been so cold that the District has seen 66 days of hypothermia alerts. There are still seven weeks left in hypothermia season. With policies in place to house homeless families in private rooms during nights that turn brutally cold, the city has found itself in a difficult situation as the Bowser administration has filed a motion to begin placing the homeless in makeshift shelters. (WaPo, 2/6)

The development offered the latest sign of the depth of this year’s homelessness crisis in the District, which has accepted an average of 12 new homeless families – often single mothers with young children – into shelter each night the temperature has dipped below freezing.


The District is one of the country’s rare jurisdictions with a legal right to shelter on freezing nights. It is also among the most rapidly gentrifying urban cores in the nation, with an estimated 5,000 families teetering on the brink of homelessness amid rising living costs and escalating home prices.

The city on Thursday was within a day of running out of motel space for more families, and it has yet to find another operator willing to lease additional rooms for the homeless, the District argued in its motion. If no other option becomes apparent, D.C. is within days of having to resort to some lesser form of shelter, it said.

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