Regional cooperation needed for future of Metro

Washington City Paper has an extensive look at the current state of the beleaguered Metro system and asks the question on many rider’s minds: will it ever get better? The outlook is bleak without a regional vision for the future of transit in the area. (WCP, 2/4)

The trouble […] is that there are considerable structural impediments to expanding the Metro system in step with the District’s needs. No matter how big the city gets, how maxed out its roads, how high the demand, how keen the desire for expansion to underserved neighborhoods, Metro won’t be able to keep up.

Partly, it’s the unwillingness of suburban jurisdictions to sign on to (and help pay for) any new stations or lines. If they’re getting grumpy about funding the operating expenses needed to maintain the meager status quo, good luck getting a green light for expanded service in the District.

COMMUNITY | Today WRAG announced the launch of Get on the Map, a major new initiative to improve the quality, timeliness, and availability of data for and about funders in the Greater Washington region. By e-reporting grants data to the Foundation Center, funders will populate a custom version of Foundation Maps, a highly interactive, searchable mapping platform that will visualize grantmaking in the Greater Washington region. WRAG members, click here to learn more.

HEALTH | Brian Castrucci of the de Beaumont Foundation delves deep into the similarities between our nation’s bridges and the public health system. They’re more alike than you may think! (HuffPo, 2/3)

ARTS |  A plan for a contemporary art museum at the District’s Franklin School building, that would be known as the Institute for Contemporary Expression, may be put on hold as officials and proponents clash over fundraising and timelines. (WaPo, 2/5)

POVERTY | A writer shares his experience going through a memorable poverty simulation exercise supported by Kaiser Permanente during the recent New Partners for Smart Growth conference that proved to be – in a word – sobering. (City Lab, 2/5)

FOOD/AGING | With many older adults in the District living in poverty and on their own, nonprofits and officials in the area are working together to find unique ways to fight against senior hunger. (WaPo, 2/4)

DISTRICT | D.C., where blacks are no longer a majority, has a new African American affairs director (WaPo, 2/4)

HOMELESSNESS | Giving housing to the homeless is three times cheaper than leaving them on the streets (Vox, 2/4)

From now on, I will think of Lulea, Sweden every time I’m about to complain about winter weather.

– Ciara