Hope for improvement in District’s point-in-time count

As hundreds of volunteers in the District took to the streets to conduct the annual point-in-time count to get an idea of the number of homeless individuals in the city, many hope the numbers will show improvement over last year, as most other areas in the region have seen declines. (WCP, 1/29)

Last January’s count found a 3.5 percent increase in total homelessness in the D.C. region over the previous year – attributable almost entirely to a 13 percent jump in the District, as most other jurisdictions in the region saw declines. D.C. had 65 percent of the region’s homeless population, with 7,748 homeless residents, or 1.2 percent of the city’s total population.

This year’s numbers won’t be compiled and released until the spring, but there’s reason to think they could be even higher. The city expected family homelessness – just one component of the total homeless population that also includes homeless individual adults and youth – to rise 16 percent this winter over last winter. Already, the city is well beyond its family shelter capacity, and nearly 400 homeless families are being sheltered at motels for lack of traditional shelter space.

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–  The Community Foundation for Northern Virginia has released a new publication, called Good Business, celebrating the impact of corporate giving on the area. Featuring stories of local businesses that have helped to shape the community, this is the first edition of the bi-annual publication. (CFNOVA, 1/29)

The Community Foundation for Montgomery County is accepting nominations through tomorrow for their 2015 Montgomery County Philanthropist of the year award, who will be honored at the Celebration of Giving event this fall. Find out more here.

– On Wednesday, February 4th at 3PM, Emerging Practitioners in Philanthropy will hold a webinar titled, “Strengthening the Field of Black Male Achievement: Strategies for Success.” For more information, and to register, click here.

– February 24th-25th, the Environmental Grantmakers Association will hold their 2015 Federal Policy Briefing to discuss the national outlook for a wide range of critical conservation issues, featuring a number of prominent policy makers and thought leaders. You can find out more about the event and registration here.

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They say cats have nine lives, but this is downright scary!

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