Montgomery County prepares for surge in new students

Montgomery County is home to the fastest-growing school system in Maryland with more than 2,800 new students expected to be in the county’s 202 schools this upcoming school year. Officials worry about potential overcrowding in classrooms. (WaPo, 8/13 and WaPo, 8/12))

After three relatively flat years from 2003 to 2005 — and declines in 2006 and 2007 — the system has grown quickly. Each year since 2008 has seen student population growth of at least 2,200 students, and total growth since 2007 has been nearly 12 percent.

– With rising competition to maintain grants, a number of Head Start facilities have had to close doors after losing their awards. A facility in D.C. that was once in the spotlight during the program’s reform has now lost its federal funding, too. (WaPo, 8/12)

New D.C. principals trained through fellowship designed to promote talent (WaPo, 8/13)

– A D.C. nonprofit is pairing high school and elementary school students, who both struggle with reading, together for tutoring sessions. The program has been shown to be a big benefit to both students, resulting in improved reading levels. (GGE, 8/12)

– The abandoned building that sits where Columbia Heights and Petworth meet and is formerly known as the Hebrew Home for the Aged, may eventually become a new site for affordable housing. At a recent neighborhood meeting, residents of the surrounding area supported new affordable housing units, but differed on who the housing would be offered to and how much of the property would be devoted to it. (WCP, 8/13)

Opinion: An author discusses why he feels real change can be made in addressing inequality by first addressing zoning laws. (WaPo, 8/13)

YOUTH │ A group of teens in Prince George’s County has developed a mobile app that will hopefully encourage home sales and decrease the amount of vacant property in the Kentland and Palmer Park neighborhoods. (Gazette, 9/12)

PHILANTHROPYThe Leadership Model of Philanthropy (SSIR, 8/8)

REGION │ In a ranking of “The 10 Best Counties in America” from online real estate site, Movoto, four Washington area counties were listed. Fairfax, Frederick, Loudoun, and Montgomery County made the list after factors such as unemployment rates, median household incomes, median rents and home prices, percent of families below the poverty line and the high school graduation rates were considered. (WBJ, 8/12)

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