Housing the nation’s homeless begins with veterans

At the National Conference on Ending Homelessness, First Lady Michelle Obama spoke on the critical steps that need to be taken to house the nation’s growing number of displaced families. One initial step, she remarked, is to start with housing the 58,000 homeless veterans in the U.S. (WaPo, 7/31)

The remarks come as many cities across the country, including the District, have struggled with stemming an increase in homelessness  – particularly amongst families. The first lady joined a chorus of advocates and experts who have supported  a model known as “housing first,” which subsidizes apartments for the homeless while providing support services until they can get back on their feet.

Strengthening Rapid Re-Housing Will Help Homeless Families Succeed (DCFPI, 7/31)

 What does a successful partnership between charter and D.C. Public Schools look like? Look no further than Stanton Elementary in ward 8. (WAMU, 8/1)

– Though racial disparities linger, suspensions at Montgomery County high schools have dropped around 37 percent over the past year. This comes after the schools announced an effort to utilize alternatives to out-of-school suspensions in order to keep youth from falling behind. (WaPo, 7/31)

– For high school graduates from low-income families the excitement of being accepted and going off to college can often turn into distress when overwhelming paperwork and new financial obligations loom ahead. Programs that assist high schoolers with getting into college have found that many students report being enrolled in their first semester, despite never having registered due to challenges they face in the summer. (WaPo, 7/30)

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DISTRICT │ A resident of the Carver Langston community writes about the neighborhood she has grown to love, in spite of its history of poverty and violence. She also shares photos of the residents that have helped make it her home. (WaPo, 8/1)

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