New map shows how average weekly wages in the region compare

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics recently put together an interactive map that shows how average weekly wages in U.S. counties compare to one another. In the region, D.C. came out slightly higher than its neighboring counties, according to the data. Of course, the higher wages also come with a high cost of living. (In The Capital, 7/29)

At $1,598 per week, D.C. appeared on the high end of the national spectrum represented on the map, which is to be expected, considering other areas with high costs of living, such as California’s San Mateo County ($1,983) and Manhattan ($1,956), also show up in deep, dark orange.

D.C. stayed ahead of its neighboring counties, though. Fairfax County ($1,504) and Montgomery County ($1,273), trailed just behind the District, keeping weekly wages up in the four-digit zone before they drop below $1,000 and keep falling to the west.

– Following up on the recent report that examines how the region’s low-income workers are faring titled, Bursting the Bubble: The Challenges of Living and Working in the National Capital Region, the Community Foundation for the National Capital Region is holding a briefing for funders. The event will take place on Wednesday, August, 20th at 12 PM and includes a panel of experts. Funders can register for the event and find out more here.

YOUTH │ Maryland continues efforts to recruit foster parents for the influx of unaccompanied minors who have come to the U.S. from Central America. The state website has also posted an appeal to the public asking for other forms of assistance for migrant youth. (WaPo, 7/28)

EQUALITY │ Maryland Senator Ben Cardin speaks out against voting laws in the region that may restrict a number of Americans – particularly African Americans – from being able to vote. (WAMU, 7/ 28)

EDUCATION │ The Montgomery County Board of Education voted unanimously to approve a plan to bring 100,000 devices to students by the 2017-2018 school year. The major technology initiative will include laptops and tablets in an effort to further engage students in an evolving learning environment. (WaPo, 7/25)

TRANSIT │ Reminder: There’s Still Time to Comment on D.C.’s Longterm Transportation Plan (DCist, 7/29)

ART/HOMELESSNESS │ An artist is traveling the country to buy handmade signs from the homeless and turning them into art as part of his “We Are All Homeless” project to bring greater awareness to those who are often overlooked.  You can view some of his art and read more about his travels here. (NPR, 7/27)

POVERTY The middle class is 20 percent poorer than it was in 1984 (WaPo, 7/29)

Who knew?! Not only is today National Chicken Wing Day, but it’s also National Lasagna Day. I hope to celebrate both.