Disengagement among Montgomery County’s Latino students shown in new report

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A new report from the Community Foundation for the National Capital Region and the nonprofit, Identity Inc. reveals some significant disparities among Montgomery County’s Latino student population. In an otherwise affluent county with a strong school system, the report offers insight into the factors that may contribute to disconnection and recommends what could be done to turn it around. (WaPo, 6/19)

The message is that we have got to come together,” said C. Marie Henderson, director of the Montgomery County affiliate of the Community Foundation. “It’s a community issue that we all have to tackle together.”

Montgomery County Schools Superintendent Joshua P. Starr said he appreciated the collaborative spirit of the report and thinks that its findings reinforce the importance of relationships between students and school staff.

The full report, “Connecting Youth to Opportunity: How Latino Youth Perspectives Can Inform A Blueprint for Improving Opportunity in Montgomery County, Maryland,” can be found here.

– Researchers out of the University of Virginia have released a series of graphs that show the continual movement of the city’s more affluent and educated residents farther east. (GGW, 6/18)

The percentage of people with graduate and professional degrees used to drop very sharply between west and east (the white line). It has increased all across the region, but most of all in the center (mostly DC and Arlington). And the drop-off has become far less steep, reflecting how many highly-educated people have been moving into neighborhoods on the east side of DC and places like Silver Spring.

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