Taxes, taxes, taxes

– According to a study from the D.C. Office of Revenue Analysis, the tax burden on low-income people is heavier in Virginia than elsewhere in the region. Of course, according to Arlington officials, you get what you pay for (WAMU, 4/15):

Arlington County Board Chairman Jay Fisette says the study did not look at services, noting that low-income residents in Arlington benefit from public schools and affordable housing programs. And Alexandria Mayor Bill Euille says offering services is not cheap.

“Talk to people who live in D.C., and they wish they had better services, you know?” Euille says. “EMS services, for instance, better police response times, more recreation centers. So it’s what you invest in.”

– Looking at data on tax filers reveals how D.C. has changed over the past few years. (WAMU, 4/15)

– Here’s an interesting breakdown of where your federal, state, and local tax dollars go. (Atlantic, 4/15)

– D.C.’s NoMa BID is seeking proposals from artists and designers to turn the four underpasses in the neighborhood into “art parks.” (DCist, 4/14) As someone who frequently walks under these underpasses, that sounds awesome.

– The Jewish Historical Society of Washington’s historic building will be moved (again) in a few years, and has plans to open a new museum documenting the city’s Jewish heritage. (WAMU, 4/11).

– A mural that depicts the Latino community in Adams Morgan is being restored after being damaged in the 2011 earthquake. (WAMU, 4/15)

– Two op-ed contributors in the New York Times explain the impact of parental involvement on academic achievement, which is a major component of education reform efforts. The findings of their research are not what you would expect. (NY Times, 4/12)

– Universities and community colleges around the country are changing their approach toward remedial classes, as only a quarter of students who take remedial courses end up graduating with a degree. (WTOP, 4/15)

FOOD | A program at a public housing complex in Ward 7 teaches area residents how to prepare healthy foods that are also “accessible, tasty and affordable.” (Elevation DC, 4/15)

BUDGET | In Conflict Over Budget, Gray Warns Of Dire Legal Consequences (WAMU, 4/11)

Here’s what we missed under all that cloud cover last night. Bummer.