Focusing on at-risk students can improve all students’ achievement

– A new study found that schools are best served by targeting resources toward at-risk students, as data suggest that having a large number of disadvantaged students in a school brings down the overall achievement level of all students (WaPo, 2/13):

For example, researchers found that children who were homeless or mistreated disrupted their classrooms, pulling down reading achievement and attendance rates among children who were not homeless or mistreated. Along the same lines, schools filled with many students who did not receive adequate prenatal care had overall poor reading achievement, even among those children who did get prenatal care.

– DCPS chancellor Kaya Henderson was on the Kojo Nnamdi Show on Wednesday for a wide-ranging discussion about the state of the city’s schools. (WAMU, 2/12)

Md. lawmakers debate expansion of education for 4-year-olds (WaPo, 2/12)

D.C. Lags Behind Maryland, Virginia In AP Pass Rates (WAMU, 2/12)

A fight is brewing over tests in the Common Core age (WaPo, 2/13)

ARTS | President Obama has named Jane Chu, currently the president of the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts in Kansas City, as his nominee to head the National Endowment for the Arts, a position that has been vacant for over a year.

In reaction to this announcement, Robert Lynch, head of Americans for the Arts, said (WaPo, 2/12):

“If there had to be a long wait, this candidate looks like a really great person to have waited for … Her background in Kansas City at the local level is as someone who understands how the arts can transform a community. She talked about the broad array of the arts to the broad spectrum of people, which is an important philosophy to bring to the nation’s highest arts position.”

WORKFORCE | A recent study found that, while more women are getting jobs in STEM-related fields, gender bias still creates challenges to keeping them in these jobs. (WaPo, 2/12)

Health insurance enrollment on target in January (WaPo, 2/13)

74,000-plus have signed up for health care in Va. (WTOP, 2/14)

TRANSIT | Metro really, really needs more Congressional funding. (WAMU, 2/13)

NONPROFITS | IRS plan to curb politically active groups is threatened by opposition from both sides (WaPo, 2/12)

Awww, I guess Vikings weren’t just brutal marauders after all.

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