Carmen James Lane to depart the Meyer Foundation

The Eugene and Agnes E. Meyer Foundation has announced that Carmen James Lane, who serves as a senior program officer and has been with the foundation for 15 years, will join the Greater New Orleans Foundation as vice president for programs in February.

In the announcement, Meyer Foundation president Julie Rogers said:

Carmen has been an anchor of our program staff and the local grantmaking community, and we’re very sorry to be losing her…At the same time, we take pride in her success and are delighted that another community and its youth will benefit from Carmen’s expertise, her passion for helping young people advance, and her nurturing spirit.”

Julie’s remarks are spot on. Carmen has been a integral part of the WRAG community. The former Children, Youth & Families and Public Education working groups accomplished a tremendous amount under her leadership. We’re sad that she’s leaving our community, but the Greater New Orleans Foundation made a wise choice. Congratulations and best of luck, Carmen!

CWBI | What’s kwi-bee? you might be asking yourself. It’s gibberish! But CWBI is the Community Wealth Building Initiative. Last fall, we reported that two projects had been identified to lead the initiative forward. Today, we published an FAQ about the initiative’s history, progress, and next steps. Check it out here. (Daily, 1/15)

ARTS | The National Symphony and the Washington Performing Arts Society are both getting out into the community. Through new programs, the two organizations are finding creative ways to engage  audiences who might not otherwise see classical music performances. Very cool! (WaPo, 1/15)

HEALTH | Does poverty cause obesity? The research is inconclusive, but there’s at least a link between the two (Atlantic, 1/15):

[P]overty might make some people obese, but obesity definitely makes many people poorer, through two broad channels: (a) it reduces take-home pay, particularly for women; and (b) it’s related to health conditions that reduce discretionary income, too.

FOOD | What Really Happens When You Sign Up for Food Stamps (Atlantic, 1/15)

COMMUNITY | The National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy is seeking nominations for its Impact Awards!

– More than three-quarters of the nation’s kindergartners are now enrolled in full day programs. (USA, 1/15) More school and no strawberry milk?! I wouldn’t want to be a kindergartner today. The 80s were so much better!

– Congress seems set to increase funding for the Head Start early-education program by a billion dollars. (Chronicle, 1/15)

A million dollars, while certainly enough for me to buy plenty of delicious white pizza from Pines of Rome in Bethesda, isn’t what it used to be. So when are we going to stop saying, “I feel like a million bucks” or that someone has a “million dollar smile”? We could say billion now, but maybe we should just skip to trillion.

Did anyone see the fog last night? I went up to my roof at 2:00am and the visibility wasn’t more than a few hundred yards. Streetlights peaked through and created a beautifully surreal effect.

Also, The Boss dropped a new album this week called High Hopes. The title track is excellent, the rest middle of the road. Anyway, he was on Jimmy Fallon last night to promoted the album, and the two collaborated on a ballad about Chris Christie. It’s a little off color, but it’s also really funny.