D.C.’s population grew 2.1 percent in 2013

– D.C.’s population continued its upward trend in 2013, growing by 2.1 percent. Fun fact: D.C. has a bigger population than both Wyoming and Vermont. (City Paper, 12/30)

Big Developments Are Coming to D.C. in 2014. But Who Will Benefit? (City Paper, 12/30)

– The Post reflects on the 13 year tenure of District CFO Natwar Gandhi, who retires today. (WaPo, 12/20)

HOUSING | Greater Greater Washington examines the tension between preserving housing affordability and enabling family wealth creation when homes purchased with housing subsidies are re-sold, and recommends a “shared-equity” model for D.C.’s affordable homeownership program. (GGW, 12/20)

HOMELESSNESS | They city of Phoenix recently announced that it had successfully moved every homeless veteran in the city into housing. Their model for accomplishing this is being held up as one that should be applied to homelessness throughout the country. (Atlantic, 12/26)

FOOD | NPR takes a brief look at one of the hidden costs of cheap meat in a segment that references Maryland’s on-going efforts to improve the health of the Chesapeake Bay. (NPR, 1/2)

EDUCATION | Critics Say Schools Common Core Standards Roll Out Is Rushed (NPR, 1/2)

ARTS | Here’s a cool infographic on the role of art in the lives of Americans. (GOOD, 1/1)

TRANSIT | This Atlantic headline pretty much sums up the rate of the federal commuter tax benefit for 2014: If You Ride the Subway to Work You’re About to Get Screwed (Atlantic, 12/30)

Happy new year!

50 years ago Isaac Asimov wrote a New York Times op-ed describing his predictions for 2014. Some of his ideas (electroluminescent walls instead of windows; flying cars) aren’t exactly widespread, but a lot of what he suggests sounds pretty familiar.

– Rebekah