What are CSR leaders putting on their holiday wish lists this year?

If we had to guess, we’d say that the holiday wish list of a corporate social responsibility leader probably reads like so:

Dear Santa,

This year, I’m only asking for three things:

1.) Peace on earth
2.) Goodwill toward all
3.) A professional certificate from Johns Hopkins University through the Institute for Corporate Social Responsibility


[Insert name here]

Why is number three the hot ticket item this year? We’re happy to have some inaugural class members share their thoughts on the matter!

“We are always looking for ways that we can increase the impact of our assets for the benefit of communities we serve. The Institute promises to help us learn from others on new and creative ways to do so,” says Holly Potter, vice president for brand communication at Kaiser Permanente.

The fact that she’s located in Kaiser Permanente’s offices in Oakland, CA, isn’t a deterrent. In fact, California is just one of six states already represented in the inaugural class. The others are DC, MD, VA, PA, and NJ.

Tracye Funn, manager of corporate contributions for Washington Gas, is another member of the inaugural class. She was also a member of the committee that helped design the Institute’s curriculum. “I felt there was a training void in the growing and evolving CSR field. The Institute is a great professional development opportunity – and it’s right in my own backyard,” she said.

Over the course of the year, participants in the Institute will explore the scope and complexity of corporate social responsibility, including the business of CSR; investing in communities; sustainability and ethical behavior of corporations; and measuring and communicating CSR.

Whether you’re the manger of corporate contributions for a regional business or the vice president of brand communication for a national corporation, the Institute for Corporate Responsibility is an excellent resource for CSR professionals who want to maximize their corporation’s investment in the community.

As the American Express Foundation’s Tim McClimon, lead faculty member of the Institute for Corporate Social Responsibility, puts it, “A certificate in corporate social responsibility is the gift that keeps giving. It helps you become a better practitioner, it helps your company improve its giving, and the combination of those two things helps our communities solve the problems they face.”

We’re excited for the inaugural class to start at the end of next month. We’re also happy to say that, unlike the barren shelves that were once home to Tickle Me Elmos, Furbys, and Xboxes, we’ve still got a few open seats in stock. It’s not too late to apply and to make sure your approval letter is waiting for you in your stocking!

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