Gray announces $87 million in additional affordable housing investments

HOUSING | Earlier this year, D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray announced a $100 million investment in affordable housing preservation and production in the District. At a press conference this morning, he added $87 million to that investment. The goal is now to create or preserve 3,200 housing units. City Paper’s Aaron Wiener reports on the details (CP, 11/20):

Gray’s announcement…includes news of two specific investments. One, spearheaded by the Department of Housing and Community Development, is Metro Village, a five-story, 150-unit mixed-income project near the Takoma Metro station. Of those units, 120 will be reserved for households making under 60 percent of the area median income; the other 30 will be market rate.

The second project is the Parkway Overlook, a sprawling ghost town of vacant apartments that used to house more than 1,000 low-income people south of Anacostia. The project, led by the D.C. Housing Finance Agency, will reportedly convert the complex into 180 units of affordable housing.

Related: Tomorrow, WRAG will release it’s new edition of Our Region, Our Giving. The report, which looks at trends in local philanthropy, features a special section on affordable housing.

PHILANTHROPY | Opinion: Pablo Eisenberg adds his voice to the conversation about the Washington Post’s investigation into nonprofit fraud. Many of the initial responses from the social sector suggested that the investigation was flawed. Eisenberg takes issue with these responses and then suggests ways to curb the overarching problem (Chronicle, 11/19):

But little of that has happened. Some state officials say they have started reviewing the Post’s work to see whether they should take any action, but they haven’t said much about why they didn’t notice the wrongdoing before the newspaper did. And the IRS has been quiet.

Perhaps more predictable, but just as demoralizing, has been the response from the nonprofit world itself. Instead of looking at what has gone wrong at the organizations that lost money to employee embezzlement, unethical financial advisers, and other scams, some nonprofit leaders have attacked the Post, saying it sensationalized the facts.

Related: The Nonprofit Roundtable gathered responses to the Post’s investigation that Eisenberg mentions. (NR, 11/7)

WORKFORCE | Lead, follow, or get out of the way. The Prince George’s County Council has chosen the middle of those, as they delayed a vote on raising the minimum wage until they see whether Montgomery County passes a similar bill. (WaPo, 11/19) At least they didn’t get out of the way.

HEALTH | Maryland’s is the latest health exchange to run up against technological problems, which is leading to low enrollment numbers. (WaPo, 11/20)

Related: And here’s a confusing chart of enrollment by state. Most of the District’s data are missing for some reason. (WaPo, 11/20)

HIV/AIDS | HIV Is Still Very Concentrated in America’s Cities (Atlantic, 11/20)

Related: Last week, D.C. Appleseed released its latest report card on HIV/AIDS in the District. (WaPo, 11/13)

EDUCATION | Is It Better to Have a Great Teacher or a Small Class? (Atlantic, 11/19)

WRAG CEOs: The Curtis & Edith Munson Foundation is interested in your views on internships. Please check your inboxes for an email and quick survey from the foundation’s executive director, Angel Braestrup.

– Two of our members launched new websites this week – The Meyer Foundation and The Community Foundation for Northern Virginia. Website building is a tricky business, believe you me, and these turned out great. Congratulations to both foundations!

– The Nonprofit Roundtable’s Allison Carney is a loyal Daily reader, and she sent a great video for the post script last week. But I forgot to share it, so I’m upgrading it to main content! It’s your standard story of a man…and his pet fox.

I’m not really sure why (because he can?), but Bob Dylan put together a very cool interactive music video for Like a Rolling Stone. Use the channel toggle on the left to change the station at any point during the song. Whatever show you end up with is synced with the song. And while we’re on the subject, here’s a wicked cool cover of the song from Seal and Jeff Beck.

Using the magic of the interwebs, we’ll be releasing our brand spankin’ new giving report tomorrow while we’re at our annual meeting. We won’t have a news roundup though, nor will we have one on Friday. But we’ll be back on Monday.

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