Philanthropcapitalism and politics

PHILANTHROPY | Opinion: In the spirit of yesterday’s elections, here’s an interesting article about the influence of money in the political process. In particular, the author writes about how wealthy “plutocrats flex their political muscle” through “philanthropcapitalism” (NYT, 11/3):

Philanthrocapitalism is a more self-consciously innovative and entrepreneurial effort to tackle the world’s most urgent social problems; philanthrocapitalists deploy not merely the fortunes they accumulated, but also the skills, energy and ambition they used to amass those fortunes in the first place.

Philanthrocapitalism, particularly when you agree with the basic values of the capitalist in charge, can achieve remarkable things.

EDUCATION | The D.C. Council has tentatively approved a bill that would end the practice of social promotion, which currently advances students to the next grade level regardless of their readiness. The bill is up for a final vote next month. (WaPo, 11/6)

ELECTION | Terry McAuliffe is Virginia’s governor-elect and Ralph Northam will serve as his lieutenant. The attorney general race is tied within less than 150 votes. (WaPo, 11/6)

– The average price for a single family home in D.C. has increased a whopping 22 percent since last year to a ridiculously expensive $809,843. The Washington Business Journal attributes this to our strong local economy. (WBJ, 11/6)

– Confusingly, rents in our region are actually dropping. But very slightly. And we’re still the seventh most expensive rental market in the U.S. of A. (UT, 11/6)

New affordable apartment project planned in Arlington (WBJ, 11/6)

You know it’s a super slow news day when the second leading local media story after the election is that Whole Foods is opening on H Street.

Anyhow, Dodge has been releasing some truly hilarious commercials featuring Will Ferrell as Ron Burgundy. A few new ones popped up this week. You can watch all of them here. My favorite is “Power. Precision. Elegance.”