Bi-County Parkway won’t improve Dulles’ cargo capacity, but it might help the tech sector.

As the Bi-County Parkway debate continues, a new report from George Mason University’s Center for Regional Analysis pokes holes in one of the economic arguments being used to support the parkway. Proponents of the parkway say that it will help Dulles airport become a major cargo hub. The report suggests otherwise (WAMU, 10/7):

One reason why VDOT says the Bi-County Parkway is necessary is to improve access to Dulles from the west, for travelers and cargo haulers. [GMU’s] study estimates the highway would affect only 8 percent of the potential market demand for air cargo operations at the airport. The problem is not the road. It’s the air cargo, already dominated by other airports.

On the other hand, George Mason University’s president, Angel Cabrera, says that the parkway would be good for both the university and Northern Virginia’s tech sector. The Post’s Tom Jackson recaps Cabrera’s op-ed and writes about a few other major voices who have waded into the debate. (WaPo, 10/7)

CSR | At the end of September, WRAG launched the Institute for Corporate Social Responsibility. Through the Institute, we’re excited to offer a professional certificate in partnership with Johns Hopkins University. Our lead faculty member, the American Express Foundation’s Tim McClimon writes about the new program on his CSR Now! blog today.

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SHUTDOWN | With a default on the horizon and no real solution to the shutdown in sight, it seems appropriately ominous that our region has a tornado watch all day.

One bit of good news for federal workers though. The House unanimously passed a bill to give workers back pay for their furloughed days.  (WaPo, 10/5) I know what you’re thinking. Why not bring them back to work if they are getting paid anyway?

Here’s my best analogy. Congress is like a Segway: a brilliant piece of machinery built by genius inventors. And our current representatives and senators are like this guy trying to use a Segway.

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HOUSING | Friday’s lead story was about how affordable dwelling unit (ADU), uh, dwellers are subjected to unchecked condo fees. The Coalition for Smarter Growth’s Cheryl Cort wrote us to say that a fix is actually in the works.

I’m glad to see that none of you have been mauled by the urban mountain lion. Since it seems (relatively) safe to go outside now, I highly recommend seeing Gravity in 3D. It answers the age old question: what does it feel like to be floating through space with no communication, life-sustaining resources, or ride home?

Also, new research shows that being mentally exhausted leads to bad workouts at the gym. This definitely explains why I can only make it 0.3 miles on the treadmill before collapsing into a heap!