Health care, health care, and more health care news.

We’re only a few days away from the launch of the Affordable Care Act’s health insurance exchanges. There’s more than enough confusion to go around, so the Post profiled eight individuals from different walks of life to see how Obamacare will affect them.

The profiles are accompanied by two useful resources (WaPo, 9/26):

A simple Q&A. What is an exchange? How will the process work? How did I get here?

– A calculator to figure out what insurance will cost.

– The District’s health marketplace royally screwed up by not properly calculating tax credits for low- and middle-income individuals. As such, residents won’t have access to Obamacare pricing until at least mid-November. (WaPo, 9/26)

Individuals will define Obamacare’s fate (WaPo, 9/26)

How much will Obamacare premiums cost? Depends on where you live. (WaPo, 9/26)

– More bad news for D.C. residents. There’s a major shortage of primary care doctors, according to a new report. (WaPo, 9/26)

– Prince George’s County has changed dramatically for the better in recent years. At a recent event on the state of the county, County Executive Rushern Baker talked about how the nonprofit and philanthropic sectors can collaborate with the government to continue to improve the county. Rebekah recaps the event in the Daily. (Daily, 9/26)

– After a seven-month search, Mayor Gray has picked Jeffrey DeWitt to replace the retiring Natwar Gandhi as the District’s CFO. (WaPo, 9/26)

HOUSING | Rapid Rehousing is a good idea on paper, but it faces a lot of challenges in reality – particularly related to the high cost of housing in the region. (CP, 9/26)

– Arabella Advisors’ Bruce Boyd takes a look at a merger between The Nature Conservancy and Rare and says that this might be a new model for the wider nonprofit sector. (SSIR, 9/26)

– Grantmakers for Effective Organizations has released a new report on how nonprofits can use collective action to increase their impact. (GEO, 9/26)

What would the White House look like if you flipped it upside down? Here’s the answer – along with some other spectacularly strange architecture.

Rebekah has the Daily tomorrow. See you all on Monday – aka T-minus 1 day until Obamacare!