A ‘regional road map to Obamacare’

HEALTH | Yesterday, we posted about how the American public is largely confused by Obamacare. Today, the Washington Post has a few potentially useful resources. First, a rundown of initial timetables. Second, a detailed look at the District’s marketplace – DC Health Link. And third, a “regional road map to Obamacare” for people with families with four or fewer members. Note the big red blocks of “no help” in Virginia’s path. (WaPo, 9/17)

When the markets open in less than two weeks, remember the words of the watchful knight in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

NONPROFITS | Guidestar reports that nonprofit CEOs saw an average two percent salary increase in 2011. The study also finds that a gender gap in CEO pay persists, though it is slowly shrinking. (Chronicle, 9/17)

– CECP’s 2013 report on corporate giving shows that nearly 60 percent of companies have increased giving since the financial crisis hit. (CECP, 9/17)

Financial Titans Tarred by 2008 Crisis Have Kept Up Giving (Chronicle, 9/17)

WORKFORCE | With the Walmart-focused “living wage bill” effectively out of the picture, the D.C. Council is now finally exploring minimum wage hikes for the whole city. Tommy Wells has proposed an initial jump to $10.25 an hour, while David Catania is proposing as much as $10.50. (WBJ, 9/17) If they keep trying to outdo each other, the sky’s the limit!

FOOD/EDUCATION | Here’s a look at how nonprofits are partnering with DCPS to get healthy, local food into the lunchroom by building a more localized food system from land to fork (or spoon…or spork). The Washington Regional Convergence Partnership, a group of funders based at WRAG, is studying ways that programs like these can be scaled up for the wider region. (Elevation DC, 9/17)

ARTS | For many moons, the Shakespeare Theater Company has been paying $70,000 to rent its space at  the Lansburgh Theatre. Now, the landlord wants to raise the rent to a whopping $480,000. The sudden shift has sparked a dramatic (couldn’t resist) legal battle. (WaPo, 9/17)

HOUSING | Why the U.S. Needs to Fall Out of Love With Homeownership or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Rentals. (Atlantic, 9/17)

LOCAL | Yesterday’s violence at the Navy Yard is disgusting and tragic. But here’s something gut-wrenching to put it in a local perspective. (HuffPo, 9/17)

The salvaging of the sunken cruise ship Costa Concordia has been an incredible operation. Here’s a time lapse video showing the whole thing.

Also, for any history buffs, check out this really neat chart that documents the entire Civil War. And then take a trip back to 1990 with Guns N’ Roses’ ballad, Civil War.