A slow news day in August edition

HEALTHCARE | The District has reached a settlement with D.C. Chartered Health Plan that will ultimately release the $56.5 million in payments due to local medical providers that serve patients on Medicaid. (WaPo, 8/22)

YOUTH | After the recent spate of murders of young people in Prince George’s County, parents, community leaders, and county officials are trying to figure out how to “impact young people so we don’t lose more lives.” (WaPo, 8/22)

– A Greater Greater Education contributor says DCPS’ test score data don’t necessarily back up the story that school officials are telling. (GGE, 8/21)

– DCPS is seriously slacking on meeting Title IX requirements, leaving girls with few opportunities to participate in sports. (CP, 8/22)

HOUSING | What Should D.C. Learn From Other Cities’ Inclusionary Zoning? (Not Much.) (CP, 8/20)

AGING | John Feather, CEO of Grantmakers In Aging, writes about the importance of investing in seniors for stronger communities. (CoF, 8/21)

NONPROFITS | September Is Boom Time for Donors, Google Says  (Chronicle, 8/21)

LOCAL | Well, if there was ever a day for me to end my boycott of hotdogs covered with chile today would be the day! (WaPo, 8/22)

Holy ****, stay out of the Potomac!