The impact of urban segregation – and why it persists

EQUITY | The Atlantic looks at persistent urban segregation and the impact of the resulting concentrated poverty on people and the economy. A follow up piece is worth a read, too, as it touches on why segregation continues to exist (Atlantic, 8/14, 15):

We often blame poor people for their own poverty, and blame whole neighborhoods for the fact that government has systematically failed to invest in them… That story, which focuses on the faults and skills of individual people, ignores the fact that we’ve arrived at this picture of segregation for a lot of complicated, long-running, systemic reasons that are so much bigger than individual families (and whether they have dads or not). For decades, policies around who is eligible for home loans, where we pave highways, and what kinds of houses can be built in some communities have encouraged middle-class whites to leave the city and move into the suburbs. At the same time, ill-fated government ideas about public housing clustered low-income blacks in high-rise housing projects. Mass incarceration further weakened minority communities.

HOUSING | A new report from the Center for Housing Policy looks at housing affordability in the Greater Washington region relative to the wages of low- and moderate-income workers. Their shocking findings: housing costs far surpass wages. (WAMU, 8/16)

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DISTRICT | Streetcar reboot promises citywide growth for underserved areas (Elevation DC, 8/13)

– Maryland’s comptroller is arguing that starting schools after Labor Day would provide the state a needed economic boost, thanks to last minute family vacations. (WAMU, 8/16)

School Standards’ Debut Is Rocky, and Critics Pounce (NY Times, 8/15)

REGION | Leggett Elected President of County Executives of America (Potomac Patch, 8/15)

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