D.C. job market feeling the sequester

DISTRICT | Despite all the talk about “Boomtown” and the overall economic health of the region, the District’s job market is actually starting to feel the pain of sequestration. 2,600 jobs have been lost in less than a year, and wages are declining. Not surprisingly, this is mostly due to federal job cuts and furloughs. (WaPo, 8/8)

HOUSING | In today’s Daily, Gretchen reflects on the progress D.C. is making on increasing the supply of affordable housing, and the promising steps the District government is taking to engage philanthropy on housing issues. (Daily, 8/8)

DEMOGRAPHICS | A new census report reveals that of the 5.3 million residents in the Greater Washington region, 26.7 percent speak a foreign language at home. For comparison, the national average is 20.8 percent. (WAMU, 8/6)

COMMUNITY | On the Washington Area Women’s Foundation blog, Mariah Craven reviews a new documentary, Twenty Feet From Stardom, which profiles the careers of backup singers for major stars. Mariah connects the experiences of these singers with those of all women (WAWF, 8/6):

The fascinating, devastating stories featured in 20 Feet from Stardom are unique because of their glamorous setting, but the lessons associated with them are not uncommon. The women in the film seemed to be happiest and most satisfied when they had control over their own lives, when they were getting recognition for their accomplishments and when they were fairly compensated. These are, of course, “no duh” statements – a fact that makes it seem even more criminal that they were denied these things to begin with, and a reminder that it’s incumbent upon all of us to make sure that we value ourselves and one another fairly.

GIVING | Baby Boomers Now Largest Source of Charity Gifts, Study Finds (Chronicle, 8/8)

Large classes, overcrowded schools remain a concern in Prince George’s (Gazette, 8/8)

Prince George’s newest teachers participate in ‘induction’ training (WaPo, 8/8)

This year marks the 50th anniversary of a number of milestones of the civil rights movement, and NPR is streaming a great mix to honor it. Enjoy.