Prince George’s considers serious affordable housing bill…then waters it down

HOUSING | It’s not a good week for Alex Rodriguez. The Yankees megastar is facing harsh punishment from the MLB for being a cheater. He’s also the owner of a management company that is in charge of about 1,000 housing units that comprise a Prince George’s County’s apartment complex. Those apartments are being severely and disgustingly neglected, with more than 1500 code violations having been reported to date.

Yesterday, the County Council debated legislation that would allow the county, or designated nonprofit, the opportunity to purchase and rehabilitate apartments like these.  The bill was quickly watered down with an amendment that basically puts off any real progress until at least next July. In the meantime, the people in A-Rod’s apartments continue to suffer. (WaPo, 7/25)

DISTRICT | Here’s some food for thought: how to fix everything in D.C. The City Paper takes a sweeping look at the challenges facing the city and gets outside perspectives on how to fix them. Some of them are really interesting (and some are absurd). Here are a few highlights (CP, 7/25):

Stop Building Affordable Housing. Buy It Instead.
Give Free, Quality Childcare to Low-Wage Families
Build More Metro Lines. Now.

PHILANTHROPY | The Ford Foundation has announced that Darren Walker will become its 10th president, overseeing more than $11 billion in assets and half-a-billion dollars in annual giving. (Ford, 7/25)

COMMUNITY | The Center for Nonprofit Advancement has announced that Bowen McCauley Dance and Northern Virginia Family Service are the winners of the Center’s 2013 Board Leadership Award.

ARTS | A new Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll finds that the firm majority of the country would kick out every single member of Congress if they could. That’s probably because Congress is proposing things like cutting the National Endowment for the Arts’ budget in half – and slashing budgets for the National Endowment for the Humanities, the Smithsonian Institution, and the National Gallery of Art. (Chronicle, 7/25)

Good news, citizens. You can elect an entirely new Congress next year!

GROWTH | Opinion: Greater Greater Washington’s David Alpert looks at the Bi-County Parkway debate and says, “To have [transit-oriented development], you need transit. Therefore, to build what people want, we need regional transportation dollars to go into that transit, not the Bi-County Parkway.” (GGW, 7/24)

Note: In yesterday’s Daily, we wrote that the Coalition for Smarter Growth had commissioned research on alternatives to the parkway. The Coalition is one of several groups – including the Piedmont Environmental Council – that commissioned the report.

Related: Authority approves $209 million transportation infusion for Northern Virginia (WaPo, 7/24)

VERTICAL LIMIT | Rep. Darrell Issa has asked the National Capital Planning Commission to review the city’s Height of Buildings Act. Housing Complex has a whole series of cool renderings of what the skyline would look like from different perspectives and with various height restrictions. (CP, 7/24)

LOCAL | The District has agreed to a deal to build a stadium for D.C. United, just blocks from the Nationals stadium. Maybe the arrangement will work like algebra – when you multiply two negatives (aka losing records), it creates a positive? Don’t fail us now, math! (GGW, 7/25)

If you’re in the mood for some Gypsy punk-rock (and you should be!), check out Gogol Bordello’s new album Pura Vida Conspiracy. The opening track is awesomely catchy.

We won’t have a news roundup tomorrow. If you need something to fill the time, try building a Lego structure like these. Bonus points if you can build on like #25 that’s fully functional.