Upward mobility linked to geography

– A fascinating new study compares metropolitan regions around the country in terms of economic mobility, and finds that in some areas, people born into low income families have a much greater likelihood of ascending the economic ladder than in others. The study found four factors that correlate with greater levels of upward mobility: the prevalence of mixed-income neighborhoods, two-parent households, quality schools, and civic engagement. (NY Times, 7/22)

Related: Housing Complex helpfully digs into the data on the Greater Washington region and finds that we’re doing pretty well relative to other parts of the country (CP, 7/22):

Children whose parents are in the 16th percentile (earning $22,000 a year) and children whose parents are in the 74th percentile (earning $96,000 a year) are both likely to end up in the middle quintile themselves…Now, does that mean everyone’s born to a level playing field? Of course not. Nine percent of the very poorest children will end up as top earners, compared to 36 percent of the very richest children.

WORKFORCE | On their blog, the Community Foundation for the National Capital Region highlights the HOPE project, a partnership between the foundation, Goodwill of Greater Washington, UDC Community College, and a number of area businesses, which provides skills training, career counseling, and job placement services to connect local workers with the region’s booming hospitality and service industry. (CFNCR, 7/19)

SERVICE | The Post highlights volunteerism in the region, with shout outs to a number of WRAG’s corporate members, including Booz Allen Hamilton, Capital One, Deloitte, and IBM. (WaPo, 7/21)

ENVIRONMENT | You might want to rethink buying that beachfront property on the Eastern Shore. (WaPo, 7/22)

HEALTH | Based on recent news articles, D.C. seems to be doing better than most of the rest of the country in terms of implementing the health insurance marketplaces created by the Affordable Care Act. (WaPo, 7/19)

Related: WRAG’s Health Working Group, along with a number of partner organizations, is hosting a community forum on outreach and enrollment strategies in D.C., Maryland, and Virginia on August 15. This event is open to all funders and those working at community-based organizations and safety net clinics that serve the currently uninsured. [More information and registration]

Lawmakers Debating How To Reform ‘No Child Left Behind’ (WAMU, 7/21)

Poll: Parents don’t support many education policy changes (WaPo, 7/22)

– If the Silver Line ever actually opens, you shouldn’t have a problem finding a seat. (WaPo, 7/21)

Gentrification in overdrive on 14th Street (WaPo, 7/22)

I’ll have to take it up with the Daily’s editor-in-chief, but from now on, whenever we link to an article under the headline of “aging,” I think we should also link to this video.

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