Arlington uses reserves to offset sequestration impact

– Arlington has begun dipping into a reserve fund to offset the impact of sequestration cuts on a homelessness prevention and housing program. (ARL, 7/16)

– And, while our region has remained relatively unharmed by the cuts, low-income populations in the rest of the country are starting to suffer the effects of sequestration. (Atlantic, 7/16)

– Which hospitals rank as the best in our region? WTOP has the list…but it incorrectly ranks Georgetown, my point of origin, as number four rather than number one. (WTOP, 7/16)

– The H Street NE corridor has long been a subject of discussion – about development, gentrification, arts and culture, and more. But here’s another interesting angle: it’s also becoming a hotspot for deaf culture. (WaPo, 7/15)

– A water main emergency in Prince George’s County is going to leave at least tens of thousands of residents without water for a few days. (WTOP, 7/16)

– The Uline Arena behind Union Station is a storied building that has fallen victim to neglect. Most famously, it was the site of The Beatles’ first American concert in 1964. It also hosted presidents, sports teams, civil rights leaders…and cars, when it was recently used as a garage. Next up? Offices and retail. (GGW, 7/16)

EDUCATION | Secretary of Education Arne Duncan says that the Common Core standards raise the academic bar. As such, previously inflated test scores are probably going to drop. As he puts it, “we’re telling the truth for the first time.” (WAMU, 7/16) And the truth ain’t pretty.

HEALTH | Nonprofit Buyers and Sellers Gearing Up for Health Insurance Exchanges (NPQ, 7/16)

Sheesh. Slow news day. I’m even having trouble finding something to put here. How about some geography? Can you name every country in Africa by entering any 3 letter sequence from a country’s name? For example, “ana” nets you both Ghana and Botswana.