A look at obesity in Prince George’s County

HEALTH | The rate of obese and overweight adults in Prince George’s County is an alarming 71.5 percent, and growing. A Post contributor looks at some of the reasons why that is. Here’s a preview (and another eye-opening statistic): 71 percent of restaurants in the county are fast-food joints. (WaPo, 6/28)

YOUTH | Judith Sandalow of the Children’s Law Center responds to last week’s report about the high rate of suspensions in D.C. public schools, noting that suspending students tends to further entrench behavior problems. She writes (Huff Post, 6/27),

Suspension, by its nature, distances a child from school. Instead of helping children academically, suspension deprives them of instruction. Instead of the positive peer pressure from school-engaged peers, suspended students are sent home to socialize with whomever else is out of school in their neighborhood. When suspended students return to class, they are less focused, less engaged, and more likely to disrupt class.

I.M.P., the company that runs the 9:30 Club, has been selected to operate the Lincoln Theatre on U Street, which until now has been managed by the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities (DCCAH). Says Lionell Thomas, executive director of DCCAH, “The new vision for the theater represents the growing diversity of our city.” (WaPo, 6/28)

In Silver Spring, Round House Theatre is giving up a coveted space (WaPo, 6/28)

ENVIRONMENT | Thanks to rising water levels and sinking land (really), the Chesapeake area is experiencing the effects of climate change faster than much of the rest of the country. Water levels in Chesapeake Bay are rising at least twice as fast as sea levels worldwide, and an estimated 900,000 Marylanders are expected to be affected by rising water levels this century. (WTOP, 6/28)

PHILANTHROPY | Senators Seek to Know Why Charitable Deductions Matter (Chronicle, 6/27)

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EQUITY | Big disparities are alleged between boys’ and girls’ sports in District public schools (WaPo, 6/28)

In case you aren’t sick to death of the Daft Punk song “Get Lucky” yet, now you can listen to it in every decade‘s popular music style. 

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