McDuffie aims to accurately define housing affordability

As City Paper’s Aaron Wiener points out, solving the District’s affordable housing problem is complicated:

[R]eally, the city has two affordable housing problems. The first is one of supply: There isn’t enough of it. And the second is one of definitions: Much of what’s labeled affordable isn’t really affordable to many Washingtonians.

To address the second problem, District Council member Kenyan McDuffie has introduced new legislation called the “Truth in Affordability Reporting Act of 2013.” Currently, affordable housing is related to the area median income (AMI). In our region (area), that number is very high. McDuffie wants to highlight just the District’s median family income, which is significantly lower than the region’s. (City Paper, 6/26)

Related: Check out WRAG’s report, What Funders Need to Know – Housing, for more information on affordability measurements in our region.

HOUSING | A new Senate bill introduced by the bi-partisan duo of Mark Warner (D-Va.) and Bob Corker (R-Tenn.) calls for the dissolution of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac within five years. Moving forward, the bill calls for the creation of a new agency that would be called the Federal Mortgage Insurance Corporation. (WBJ, 6/26) One can assume that it will simply be referred to as FMIC, pronounced “Fffff-mick.” It will be fun to say out loud.

FOOD (and more) | WRAG’s Convergence consultant, Lindsay Smith, writes about how the defeat of the Farm Bill in the House has many ramifications – for things like SNAP, obesity, and access to healthy food. (Daily, 6/26)

The Philanthropy Of The Forbes 400: The Generosity Of The Self-Made (Forbes, 6/26)

– This article is especially relevant considering today’s SCOTUS decision to strike down the Defense of Marriage Act: As Wedding Bells Ring, Charities Seek Support From Newly Visible Same-Sex Couples (Chronicle, 5/19) “Lord Dorothy, we’ve got money.” That is a priceless quote, and one that fundraisers should remember!

BUDGETS | Susie Cambria has details about Mayor Gray’s requests for spending the city’s additional revenue, including the letter from the Mayor to Council Chairman Phil Mendelson. (SC, 6/25)

Related: The extra revenue is also likely to trigger a cut in the city’s sales tax to 5.75 percent. (WaPo, 6/26)

LOCAL | Lord Dorothy, there are bears everywhere! Today, one was caught in Northwest D.C. Earlier this week, sightings were reported in Fairfax and Montgomery counties. Where are they coming from?! (WaPo, 6/26)

It’s hot out there. I wish I could take the day off and go relax on one of the Land of War’s beaches. You know, Joe Biden’s home state? Check out this fun map that shows the etymological origins of the names of the nation’s states and cities.

And this kind of feels like the right song for today.