13 percent of D.C. students were suspended last school year

– During the 2011-12 school year, public schools in D.C. suspended about 10,000 students – that’s about 13 percent of the total student body. (WaPo, 6/21) Yes, you read that right.

Vincent Gray says D.C. must ‘stay the course’ in improving schools (WaPo, 6/21)

YOUTH | Chelsea Clinton takes on the social and economic impact of the country’s high rate of disconnected youth, and highlights the efforts of organizations like the Latin American Youth Center in Columbia Heights that work to re-engage young people (Huff Post, 6/19):

If the Latin American Youth Center in Washington, D.C., hadn’t given Elmer a chance to write a different future for himself, violence and victimhood could have been his final chapter. But after finding somewhere to turn and someone to mentor him, Elmer, now 28, has reclaimed his life and is a youth counselor for others. He’s also a proud father and homeowner. He’s soon to be a master’s degree candidate, too. Most of all, he’s living proof that no human being is hopeless. We can and we must get disconnected young Americans back on track. To achieve a real economic recovery, let’s ensure that coming of age in the United States yields the promise — not the memory — of the American Dream.

COMMUNITY | In light of their recent designation as “Harris’ Heroes” on ABC 7, Lois England, and her late husband Richard, were officially recognized by Mayor Gray yesterday for the England Family Foundation‘s tremendous support of Bell Multicultural High School students. (EOM, 6/20)

ARTS & HUMANITIES | A report from the American Academy of Arts and Sciences highlights why education in the arts and humanities is as critical as math and science when it comes to the country’s political and economic future. (NPR, 6/20)

Related: Here’s the full report.

VETERANS | The Post profiles the Southeast Veterans Service Center, a local organization that provides transitional housing services to local homeless veterans. (WaPo, 6/21)

Related: Veterans-related issues are an area of growing interest among a number of local funders. (Daily, 5/23)

POVERTY | Some social scientists have found that – at least in the case of a program in Uganda – ending poverty is as simple as just giving poor people some money. (NY Times, 6/20). Who’da thunk it? But seriously, this is a really interesting concept.

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