Nonprofit Roundtable announces Diana Leon-Taylor as its new president and CEO

At its annual meeting this morning, the Nonprofit Roundtable introduced its new president and CEO, Diana Leon-Taylor. She has extensive experience in our region’s nonprofit community, having worked with the Black Student Fund, Latino Student Fund, Leadership Greater Washington, and the Fannie Mae Foundation. She currently serves as Principal at SageGroup-DC LLC.

Nonprofit Roundtable board chair Russ Snyder says that Diana is the perfect fit for the job:

Diana is a determined and energetic leader who deeply understands the interdependence of the nonprofit, business and government sectors in jointly solving the important community issues in our region. She is well-prepared to be a voice for the nonprofit sector and lead strategic partnerships that improve our community. We are thrilled she will be joining our alliance.

You can read more about her on the Roundtable’s website. Congratulations, and welcome, Diana!

– Since its creation in 2009, the Social Innovation Fund has awarded more than $138 million in funding to about 200 nonprofits. As you’re probably aware, the goal of the fund is for the federal government to invest in high-performing nonprofits that are achieving efficient, measurable results. NPR’s Pam Fessler points out, “[The] fund is still very much a work in progress. It’s not clear yet what taxpayers have gotten for the money.”

While the fund has its critics – and they have a voice in this article – there are definite examples success. A prime example is youthCONNECT, a partnership between six local nonprofits run by Venture Philanthropy Partners. (NPR, 6/12)

Related: The Fund is in good hands with its new director, Michael Smith. I think taxpayers will have some positive clarity very soon.

– Next year, major funders will travel to the Greater Washington region for the Council on Foundations annual conference. In her latest column, WRAG President Tamara Copeland writes that the conference is an excellent opportunity to clear up misconceptions – specifically, that our region doesn’t need support from national funders. (Daily, 6/13)

GIVING | CNN, the Tampa Bay Times, and the Center for Investigative Reporting have unveiled a list of the fifty worst charities in the United States. In total, these charities raised $970 million but only spent $49 million serving their causes.

I’m of two minds about including this investigation in the Daily. On the one hand, it is important to recognize that significant financial abuses are possible in the nonprofit sector. On the other hand, you can have a list of the fifty worst of anything. Hopefully the average CNN reader understands that this is the worst – and not standard – behavior of American charities. (CNN, 6/13)

– Congratulations to WRAG members Daniel Solomon of Naomi and Nehemiah Cohen Foundation and Marcela Brane of the Herb Block Foundation on being honored at tonight’s DC Appleseed Awards Reception!

– Here are more reflections from local leaders on Julie Rogers’ announcement that she’ll be leaving the Meyer Foundation next year. Alex Orfinger, publisher of the Washington Business Journal, says (WBJ, 6/12):

Julie is the rare leader in Washington. She is the ultimate straddler. While she is firmly rooted in the nonprofit community, she straddles the sectors. Business and government leaders turn to her for advice and counsel. Nonprofit leaders turn to her as a mentor and spiritual guide. When she speaks, people listen and act on her advice. Her honest voice makes her such a rarity and why her retirement will be such a loss for all of us.

EDUCATION | In the second part of the series, GGE looks at D.C. Council member David Catania’s proposal to end social promotion. “In social promotion, a school advances a child to a new grade before he or she has mastered the previous year’s material.” It sounds like a recipe for disaster, but like most things in life (except Kanye West, for example), things are more complicated than they appear. (GGE, 6/13)

DEMOGRAPHICS | District grows younger and more white, census statistics show (WaPo, 6/13) For reporters, the census is the gift that just keeps giving.

When I was standing at the bus stop this morning, the sky went from sunny to ominously dark like the flip of a switch. I was about to scream “THE DERECHO HAS FOUND US,” but I thought better of it since I was standing by myself. Anyway, a cosmic coincidence distracted me as my iPhone shuffled to this song at that exact moment.

Rebekah has the Daily tomorrow, so I hope your weekends are pleasant and dry!

– Christian