Capital One, Deloitte take top honors at Corporate Philanthropy awards

This morning, the Washington Business Journal announced their 2012 Corporate Philanthropy Awards, and we’re thrilled that WRAG members took top honors. Capital One was the top funder last year, giving $15.7 million in our region. Deloitte lead the pack in local volunteer hours, with staff members committing 69,334 hours last year.

WRAG’s Katy Moore was a guest at the Capital One table this morning. She notes that the excitement at her table built as the awards were announced:

As Debbi Jarvis, Pepco’s vice president of corporate responsibility, was announcing the rankings of the Top Corporate Philanthropists for local giving, I could see the faces of my table mates begin to shift as the list was read. With each name being read, climbing toward the top ranking, the possibility grew that Capital One might be the winner. When they were announced as the top local giver, the room erupted in applause as Carolyn Berkowitz, managing vice president of Capital One’s community affairs and president of the Capital One Foundation, took the podium to accept the award.

Capital One and Deloitte weren’t the only WRAG members recognized at the event. Here’s a list of members who also made the ranks of top local givers and volunteers. Congratulations to all!

GIVING | Do More 24 is underway! The goal for the day is to raise at least $2 million for almost 1,000 local nonprofits. At publishing time, roughly halfway through the day, the amount raised is more than $500,000. Awesome work, folks. But there’s more to do!

There are an incredible number of worthy causes in our region, so spread the word and ask everyone you know to donate – even if it’s just a few dollars. Due to the very high volume of traffic, the website might take a minute to load. But patience is a virtue! And a Guns N’ Roses song.

Related: In the realm of worthy causes, we’re partial to the awesome Washington AIDS Partnership.

WORKFORCE/HOUSING | At an event this morning, the Washington Area Women’s Foundation released a new report titled Lessons Learned & Recommendations for the Field: A Case Study of Nontraditional Job Training Programs for Women. The foundation’s president, Nicky Goren, wrote a piece about the report for the Huffington Post in which she identifies three priorities:

– We need to address persistent barriers to work.
– We need to close the basic skills gap.
– We should build partnerships with community colleges.

WRAG’s vice president, Gretchen Greiner-Lott, was at the event and took note of the fact that the foundation focused housing as a critical issue:

It was great to see housing highlighted as a critical issue during today’s Washington Area Women’s Foundation Stepping Stones Forum. Affordable, decent, and safe housing is necessary for all women to succeed.

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Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald would love this. Though nobody actually interchanges toe-may-toe with toe-mah-toe, there are a lot of variances in the ways that we pronounce words across the country. We also occasionally use different words entirely, like the crazy people in Rhode Island who say “bubbler” instead of a “water fountain.” It’s not carbonated! It doesn’t bubble!

Check out these maps, from a PhD candidate, that illustrate a lot of differences. You’ll note that our region is dangerously close to the geographic cut-off for both “y’all” and “carmel.”